• fre You Elirt?
Flirting can be a good way of letting a special guy know you're interested in him. But flirting can be fatal if you go about it wrong! Everyone has their own ideas about the art of flirting.
Great! It would be very dull if all girls worked their feminine wiles in the same way! We asked some of your favorite people for hints on how to-and how not to-flirt. Maybe some: of them will work for you!
asked my brothers how they like a girl to flirt, and they all mentioned' the way a girl smells! Of course, you should always be fresh and clean, every day, but using cologne or perfume is a great way to get a boy's attention without even saying a word!
But, like any kind of flirting, you can overdo it. The boy's reaction should be "Mmmm, you smell nice!" not "What's that overpowering smell over here??"
Just a dab behind your ears or on your wrists should be enough and, if it wears off, dab again during the day. Don't douse yourself with a whole bottle of cologne in the morning just so there'll be some fragrance left at the end of the day! Carry amall snrav bottle with vou.
enjoy being a girl, so enjoy flirting! It's the best way of letting a guy know you care without even saying a word! But if there's one thing I've learned, it's that you can't use the same kind of flirting with every boy. So, before you decide how you're going to flirt, pay attention to your guy. Is he very friendly? Does he have an outgoing per- sonality? Then you can be bolder in your flivting,
Maybe you can walk right up to him, smile and start a conversation ...or sit down right next to him in study hall. But if he's really shy and quiet, then obvious flirting might scare him off for good!
Use "milder" flirting like smiling shyly at him or asking him a question about a homework assign-
Flirting has to be very natural. Some girls are self-conscious about flirting, and some are experts at it! But most of all, be yourself! If you're just not the kind that can "'accidentally" drop an armful of books in front of him and make it really look like an accideht, don't even try it! It'll really look fake and will only embarrass both of you. If you are shy, you'll have to be less forward in your flirting
Casual smiles and small talk can be just as effective as the most obvious flirting. Remember, a guy will like you for what you really are, so if you get him to like you by "putting on" a personality that's not real, you'll have trouble holding on to him when you show your true self, So, be yourself from the start!
T think the very best way to get guy's attention is to use eye contact. He'll never know you're inter- ested in him if you don't even look at him! But don't stare! You'll make him think his face is dirty or something else is wrong with him, Instead, look directly at him-right into his eyes! As soon as you catch his glance, drop your gaze and look away quickly-then look right back at him again. Once should do it, if he's at all interested in getting to know you better. And, if he does start talking to you, don't start staring at your shoes, even if you're terribly shy. Your eyes can show a lot about how you feel... besides, it might seem like you're not even listening to him!
To me, your smile can tell a boy immediately how you feel about him. Don't be afraid to smile at a guy you'd like to-get to know! That might be all he needs to get up his courage to speak to you or ask you out! Smiling is especially important if you wear braces-don't walk around tight-lipped.
Nobody wants a girl who looks mad at the world!
A smile is beautiful-even through braces!
Something I've always tried to remember is not to turn flirting into a contest. If you know that another girl in your class likes the same guy you do, don't try desperately to outflirt her! Just be- cause she talks to him 5 minutes before class, don't hold him for 10 minutes after class just to outdo her! In other words, don't chase him! If that other girl wants to play one-upmanship, let her. The more she chases, the more he'll run...the other direc- tion! And maybe he'll run right to where you're waiting for him!
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