• How many of these 90's films have you seen?
Human Traffic Babe RealityBites Leon TheBigLebowski Hocus Pocus Cape Fear
Empire Records House party Romeo & Juliet Heat Titanic Go Copy Cat
Rumble in the Bronx Half Baked Crying Game Pretty Woman Natural Born Killers
Showgirls Army of Darkness GhostintheShell Clerks Lion King Cool Runnings
Basic Instinct TheFifthElement TrueRomance Mallrats Shawshank Entrapment
Poetic Justice Sleepless in Seattle Independance Day Dogma Pulp Fiction Matinee
Gummo Speed Point Break Silence ofthe Lambs Rush Hour Desperado Cube
Kids Menin Black MrsDoubtfire Good Will Hunting Rocketeer Freejack
Dead Man As Good As It Gets Election Toy Story Bad Boys El Mariachi
The Rock Austin Powers The Player Groundhog Day Cliffhanger Flubber
The Blair Witch Project Demolition Man Forest Gump Fargo New Jack City
Pump up the Volume ThinRedLine Breakingthe Waves Gattaca RobRoy 12
Man Bitesdog The Crow Face Off BoysNTheHood Nixon Crooklyn Moon 44
RunLolaRun Friday Swingers Unforgiven Blue Steel Grosse Pointe Blank
Space Jam AmericanHistory X Galaxy Quest Hoop Dreams Phantoms The Parent Trap
Hackers Antz Three Kings Total Recall Iron Giant White Men Cant Jump Mulan
Happy Gilmore From DuskTil Dawn Dumb & Dumber Scream Romper Stomper
Never Been Kissed HomeAlone The Fugitive Saving Private Ryan King Ralph
Tommy Boy Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels The Sixth Sense Last Action Hero The Craft
Hook Waynes World EdWood DontBeAMenace Goodfellas Hercules Annie
Muriels Wedding Dazed & Confused Train Spotting Clueless The Mighty Ducks
Singles The Piano Magnolia CityofAngels Darkman Kiss The Girls Mermaids
Mortal Kombat Falling Down The Usual Suspects FightClub Nikita The Crush
Sister Act Shakespearin Love Resevoir Dogs Schindlers List Misery Bugs Life
He Got Game Braveheart The Truman Show Matrix TMNT Jacobs Ladder
Boys Dont Cry The Sandlot Edward Sissorhands Cop Land
Amencan Beauty Out of Sight Beauty & TheBeast JurassicPark Tremors Bean
Glengarry GlenRoss Aladdin Seven Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Clockers
The Birdcage Tombstone Being john Malkovich Pi WhenaStrangerCalls Casino
Amencan Pie Boogie Nights You QuizShow Drop Dead Fred
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