WHCA sop
Premiere a situation has developed that affects both our untries and the world and I feel it mecessary to convey to you problem that we share in common."
"Mr. Prosident I agron"
"As you must often appreciate brought the the tension brink between our two great nations the has often brought us to the brink of showmanship with all the tapestry of a Greek comedy and our impasse last year was foolish aand deadly. 'The division that separates us is throwgh misunderstanding, politics, and caltural differences. But we have
'one thing in common which would like to address to your
king group on the UFO problem"
"Yes, yes. agree with your assessment. We nearly tied the knot that divides us permanontly. Our working group believes the same way as your. The UFO problem presents grave dangers to our
ntries and to the whole world. If we allow suspicions and to forve our military defense syste to react to
this problem..God will never forgive us"
lult to react to
ageee Mr. Premiere that we:
should cooperate together on
"Yes, Mr. Prosident."
"Mr. Premiere, have begun an initiative with our NASA to
ange information with your Academy of Seiences in which hope will foster mutual concern over this problem and hopefully find some resolution. have also instructed our CLA to provide me with fall disclosure on the phantom aspects nnd classified programs in which can better asses the situation. Can you persuade your KGB to do likewisa*
"Mr. President, I cannot guarant
Towe it tofu
full cooperation in this arva but history and the security of our planet to try. As you must know I have been somewhat limited in my official capacity as Party Chairman to onder such cooperation in this area
Wo too feel that the UFO is matter of highest importance to our
lective security. If Tcan arrange for a secret mecting between
'our working groups at a secret location and at atiw designated by you, feel that this mach on my part ean happen."
"Mr. Promiory, if " moeting at this level can convene it will bo important firt step. It will lead to more dialog and trust botween our countries and reduce the ever present threat of nuclear war."
"Yes, Mr. President it will."
"Then wo are in agreement."
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