• Two Weeks in September
temember the smell of chiorine
'And the way you held onto my shoulders while you splashed
'And the hazy skies along the riverside trail under auturnn leaves of
Canary and bumt rust
We met a horse along the gravel road and you pet its nose
emember how we walked through the botanical garden
'And watched the wind rustle through the scarlet leaves
Itook you out of your pack and let you climb a bronze toad statue
stood nervous and with a quick hand nearby
Let you scale the toad
'Your plump hands covering the toads protruding warts,
'As you drummed on its bronze skin and squealed with delight with every hollow metalic pang
No fear
No protective foam mat like at home
You smiled, and you were proud of yourself, and was proud of you too
'Tomorrow go back to work
'And I have to release this pause button
'That I have held for these last fourteen days
Where above any other calling
could solely fulfil the role of just being your dad
write in your birthday card this moming lend with the words Love, Dad
had never written these words before
Love, Dad
Whenever I read the words Love, Dad they were tied to my father
Because to me, he is Dad
Now reading these simple eight characters it hits me
To you, !am Dad
'And will always be Dad
ILhad known I was your dad
For insurance calls, and doctor's visits
Butt only then dawned on me that now, to you, was and will forever be
Dad to comfort, Dad to be angry at, Dad to celebrate with
But above all else, Dad as an immovable presence
Dad who lives on in memory after die
For even when I'm gone
To my daughter, I will always be Dad
'On foot or pedaling on the trail, with trailer in tow
We view the changing leaves of gold and crimson
'Those leaves will float down to the earth
'And will wither on the ground
But to my daughter, like etched in stone will always be Dad
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